Skin + Face Treatments

milk + honey offers the best facials in Austin, customized to your needs, goals, and skin type. We use natural and organic ingredients, leading skin care product lines such as CosMedix, and feature the cutting-edge Ultrasonic Particle-Free Dermabrasion system. We also offer makeup application and lessons at SALON by milk + honey.

Signature Facial

This is our most popular facial. And it’s no wonder: you’ll leave milk + honey with glowing, healthy skin that will be the envy of all of your friends. Our multi-step process is carefully customized to your skin type and skin care needs. Includes cleansing, masques, extractions, toning, and intense moisture.
60 minutes for $100.

Boost your Signature Facial with the Pomegranate Brightening Treatment ($50 add on).
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Signature Deep Facial

Start with a Signature Facial and then go the extra mile with additional extractions, cleansing, toning, and exfoliation.
75 minutes for $120.
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Signature Plus Facial

Everything in our Signature Facial, plus our exfoliating and super hydrating Ultrasonic Facial upgrade.
75 minutes for $145.
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Lux Facial

Enjoy everything in the Signature Facial, plus an Ultrasonic Facial Treatment and a customized mix of extra extractions, toning, and exfoliation. All topped off with our eye and lip treatment upgrades.
90 minutes for $170.
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Ultimate Facial

Enjoy our Lux Facial, plus treat your backside to some extra loving. This facial includes your choice of our Back or Bum Treatment.
120 minutes for $205.
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Ultrasonic Treatment

Ultrasonic therapy employs high frequency vibration to gently exfoliate dead skin cells for a cleaner, healthier complexion without redness, swelling, and irritation commonly associated with Micro-dermabrasion. Our Ultrasonic treatment loosens and removes oil, dirt, and cellular debris from follicles to achieve a healthy, radiant glow. It diminishes wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Aids in penetrating topical skin products beyond the epidermis through Sonophoresis. Used on the neck, hands, and face, arms, back, and bum it smooths and rejuvenates skin and gently exfoliates rough acne and rough and dry patches, leaving beautiful glowing, smooth skin.

Typically purchased as a series for best results, but one session will provide fantastic results.

  • Face + Neck $100
  • Face + Neck + Décolleté $125
  • Face + Neck + Décolleté + Hands $135
  • Hands $40
  • Upper Arms $80
  • Back $115
  • Bum $80
  • Back + Bum $135
  • Back + Upper Arms $135

Back Treatment

Popular before weddings and formal engagements, our back facial focuses on making you look blemish-free in a backless dress. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a masque.
30-minute treatment + 15-minute cleanup for $85.

Facial Enhancements

milk + honey offers a variety of upgrades including:

  • Eye Treatment $15
  • Lip Treatment $15
  • Lip + Eye Treatment $30
  • Extra 15 minutes of extractions for deep cleaning $20
  • Ultrasonic Treatment exfoliation add-on, 15 minutes for $30
  • Ultrasonic Hand Treatment , 15 minutes for $35
  • Lash Tint $30
  • Brow Tint $30
  • Lash + Brow Tint $45
  • NuFace Express Lift $50
  • NuFace Lip + Eye Treatment $30

Peels You Can Have Today

Peels use a solution to improve the texture and health of the skin by removing dead and damaged outer layers of skin. They can be a powerful way to remove facial blemishes, control acne, even out skin pigmentation, remove fine wrinkles, and leave you with glowing, healthy skin. We have specific policies for peels, click here to learn about them. Peels that you can schedule without advanced preparation are all $100.

Blueberry Smoothie Peel: An energizing and vitalizing scrub, fueled by active blueberry extracts and gentle acids, used to exfoliate and bring new life to your skin without visible irritation. This peel is especially beneficial to acne prone skin.

Pomegranate Peel: Support the life span of your healthy cells, prevent free radical damage and stimulate healthy cell turnover with this antioxidant rich peel. Specially designed for epidermal leveling, the Pomegranate Peel mildly stimulates collagen and evens out the top layers of the skin, making you look and feel your best.

Benefit Peel: Give your face the benefit of a fresh start. No matter your skin type or condition, this peel will benefit you. This antioxidant rich peel carries necessary nutrients into your skin, nourishing and protecting it. You will feel the healing benefits of vitamin C.

Purity Peel: Designed to penetrate oil and reverse skin conditions such as acne and enlarged pores, this intense formulation has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Your skin will feel fully exfoliated and clear, revealing a glowing, dewy complexion.

Blueberry Jessner Swipe: Beneficial for all skin types, this treatment is best used in a series of four to ready the skin for a more powerful peel application like our Tomorrow’s Peels. Darker skin types should use a lightening agent for one to two weeks before receiving this powerful, highly effective preparatory peel.

Peels That Require Advanced Preparation (Tomorrow’s Peels)

All of these peels are $180, plus $40 for the advanced preparation products.

Deep Sea Peel: For extreme changes in the skin, this peel finds its strength and healing power from the ocean. You will experience accelerated blood circulation and stimulated cell turnover from this chemical free peel. The invigorating action can be felt for up to 24 hours post application, and the reconstructing continues for days.

Timeless Peel: The best way to counter the visible signs of aging, Cosmedix Timeless Peel contains 30% chirally corrected L-Retinol A to produce boundless activity in the skin. Reestablish growth of nourishing, young skin cells, increase cell turnover and exfoliate dead skin with this vastly effective deep peel. You will experience an age defying, smooth textured complexion with your skin’s increased moisture level.

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