milk + honey rewards | Terms & Conditions

milk + honey Rewards Core memberships have no minimum term. Core members may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, the value of Core member points will be eligible for redemption according to the company’s policies for loyalty point expiration in place at that time.

Once enrolled in milk + honey Rewards, you will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on membership deposit payments, or services or on products purchased in our location paid for with dollars beyond membership deposit credits. Points may be redeemed at a rate of $10 for 200 points. Redemption must be made in increments of 200 points ($10) or other threshold as may be updated by the company from time to time. Points cannot be redeemed for product purchases made online. All points will expire 6 months after the date the points are earned, but this time frame is subject to change in accordance with program policies.  See the Premium Members Terms section below for more information on our premium, paid membership terms.


milk + honey Rewards Premium Memberships have an initial minimum term of three (3) consecutive calendar months from date of commencement (“Minimum Term”). During the Minimum Term you may change to a higher priced membership, but may not change to a lower priced membership until after the completion of your Minimum Term. If you have made three (3) or more successful consecutive monthly membership payments you may cancel your membership by contacting our reservations team or by requesting cancellation at one of our locations thereafter at any time. If you do not cancel your membership, your membership will continue to automatically renew each month for one month of membership at a time. If you do not wish to cancel your membership, but do wish to pause your membership, you may do so any time after your Minimum Term by contacting our reservations team. Memberships may be paused for up to three (3) consecutive months at a time. Monthly payments will automatically resume if not properly canceled prior to the end of the pause period. At least one (1) successful monthly membership payment must occur after a pause period before a new pause period can begin. 

The credit card information you provide will be kept in your milk + honey account file. The credit card you keep on file with us will be automatically charged monthly on the same date every month which will be the same day of the month as your sign up date through your Minimum Term and then automatically for every month thereafter until your membership is duly paused or canceled as described above. Upon successful payment each month, your membership Funds will be credited by such payment amount. If we are unable to process payment of your membership payment due to your credit card being declined, your milk + honey Rewards  Membership will be inactive until such payment issue is resolved. While your membership is inactive, you may still apply available funds in your milk + honey Rewards account towards services and products; however, you will be unable to benefit from any member discounts or other member benefits. We will continue to regularly attempt to charge your credit card as needed to restore your membership until we are able to successfully process the cumulative missed payment(s) as needed to restore your membership to an active status, which may require you providing us with updated credit card information. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if we are unable to resolve a payment issue. You may check your membership Funds or points balance at any time by logging in to your account on our website, by contacting our reservation team through our website, or by inquiring at any of our locations.

Members are expected to follow the policies and guidelines provided at our locations, including following proper conduct as described in the intake forms for our various services. Should you not arrive for your scheduled reservation, or cancel within the required notice period prior to your reservation, you will be charged up to the full treatment price for any scheduled service, according to the company’s cancellation policies in place at that time. If we are unable to charge a card on file for cancellation fees, we reserve the right to charge such fees against any available membership Funds. milk + honey reserves the right to terminate a member’s membership if they repeatedly violate any policies or engage in disrespectful, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior towards other members or employees of milk + honey or milk + honey itself. In the event of termination of a memberʼs membership due to a member conduct issue, any remaining membership Funds will be forfeited.  

You must make any changes to your credit/ debit card information by contacting us before your next monthly payment. If at any time you decide to cancel or pause your membership, you are required to give milk + honey timely notice before your next scheduled payment. No refunds will be issued after membership dues have been charged if you fail to provide advance timely notice of my intent to pause or cancel my membership. 


The discounts included in your membership agreement will be automatically applied at checkout for services and retail products in our locations and are available the same day as membership sign up. At our discretion we may also provide you with a discount on product purchases on Your membership discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, with the exception of birthday discounts and anniversary discounts. However if there is another discount being offered, you can elect to use that discount instead of your membership discount. You may bring a guest with you, and if you are also purchasing at least one (1) service during the same visit, that guest will benefit from your discounts for any services they receive or products they purchase during that visit. However, you must be present with your guest at checkout for the membership discount to apply. Although a guest will benefit from your membership discount in this way, your membership Funds cannot be applied towards the services the guest received. If your account is inactive due to a credit card failure as described below, you will not qualify for membership discounts or membership gifts until you provide us with corrected credit card information and we are able to successfully process the cumulative payment(s) as needed to restore your membership to an active status. 


In the case of membership cancellation (including but not limited circumstances where (i) you voluntarily cancel your membership, (ii) we cancel your membership due to your breach of this agreement for reasons other than member conduct issues described below, or (iii) we cancel your membership due to nonpayment issues described herein, any unused membership Funds in your account will be credited to a milk + honey gift card. We will send this gift card either to the most recent mailing address we have on file for you, or by email to the most recent email address we have on file for you. We are not responsible for successful delivery of such gift card to you, but regardless, we will attach the gift card information to your internal milk + honey account. 


Ultimate Members will receive a monthly gift by visiting a location and requesting their monthly gift.  We are unable to mail any monthly gifts, nor can any monthly gifts be redeemed beyond the calendar month in which they are awarded.  

Ultimate members may add up to two “family members” to their membership for a total of three people on one Ultimate Account. Family members have full access to membership funds, promotions and ultimate discounts. Member gifts, and points earned by the primary member, may not be redeemed by family members, but only redeemed by the primary member. Purchases for products or services by family members beyond use of membership credit funds will accrue points to their individual personal accounts. Member points cannot be shared across individual member accounts. Points for individual family members are not shared. No changes may be made to the primary account holder. milk + honey is not responsible in any way for any unintended or unauthorized use of your membership funds by individuals that you have specified are to be considered “family members”.


The milk + honey Rewards membership agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Texas without regard to any conflicts of laws principles. You may not transfer or assign this membership agreement or any of your rights or obligations hereunder without the prior consent of milk + honey. milk + honey Rewards Funds and memberships are non-transferrable. This membership agreement may be amended or modified in any manner from time to time.