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Your milk money deposits go into your milk money “bank” each month and never expire. Your credit is yours to use for services and products at any milk + honey location.
Choose from one of three options. Upgrade anytime.

  • Signature Member — $69 monthly deposit


    $69 monthly deposit
    • 5% discount on:
    •     • Spa
    •     • medSPA
    •     • Retail
    •     • Salon
  • Lux Member — $129 monthly deposit


    $129 monthly deposit
    • 10% discount on:
    •      • Spa
    •      • medSPA
    •      • Retail
    •      • Salon
  • Ultimate Member — $199 monthly deposit: BEST VALUE Bonus: 10% discount on Gift Certificates


    $199 monthly deposit
    • 15% discount on:
    •      • Spa
    •      • medSPA
    •      • Retail
    • 10% discount on:
    •      • Salon
    •      • BONUS: Gift Certificates

Exclusive Member Perks

Exclusive member perks include: dedicated concierge phone number, incredible discounts, access to last-minute appointments, and more

How it Works

The perks kick in on day 1 and discounts are automatically applied.

An image that illustrates an example receipt of a Lux Member. This image is for demonstration purposes only and does not show an actual milk + honey spa receipt

Savings Comparison

12, 60-minute Signature Massages a year

savings comparison chart

Why join?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but not to worry, no hidden fees, crazy
contract commitments, or hidden gotchas – that simply isn’t our style.

After 3 months, if you decide it isn’t for you, that’s okay and you can cancel
your milk money membership and any unused milk money will be given back
to you in the form of a gift certificate.

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milk money FAQ

What is the milk money membership program?

The milk money program provides our most loyal customers with discounts on all of your favorite services and allows you the freedom to try new ones.

May I use my milk money membership discount to purchase series packages or other discounted services?

No, your milk money deposit cannot be used toward series packages or previously discounted services.

How is this different from a traditional membership program?

Traditional spa membership programs are “use it or lose it” – so you might get a subscription for a facial, but if you don’t use it within a given month, you’re out of luck. This program allows you to prepay for your services, receive a discount on all services, products, and share your discounts with friends.

Can I use milk money to pay for a gift certificates or retreats?

No, not at this time. Only Ultimate milk money members are eligible to receive 10% off gift certificates purchased in-locations.

Can I use milk money to pay for a friends' service?

No, but you can apply your membership discount to groups of 5 or less if they are receiving services with you the same day.

How long am I committed to the program?

You may cancel your membership at any time after three months (three payments.) If you cancel and have a balance in your bank you will be able to use the remaining milk money towards products or services. However, you will not be eligible for the membership discounts.

If I cancel, can I get a refund?

You may cancel at any time after three months. At that time if you have funds in your milk money account, you will be able to utilize that money without a membership discount. We will not refund any balance left in your bank but they will be available to use and will never expire.

May I use funds in my milk money account to pay for friends or family members services?

No, you cannot use your milk money balance to pay for friends or family. However, if you bring a friend or family member with you they can receive your discount.

What happens if I don’t receive a service in a given month?

The funds accrue to your account and never expire so you will have even more in the bank to use when we get the opportunity to care for you again.

What services can I use my milk money membership for?

All services – medSpa, Spa, and Salon.

Can I use my milk money at any location?

Yes. You may use your milk money credit at any of our milk + honey locations.

How do I sign up for this program?

Call our reservations line or stop by one of our ten locations.

When will my credit card be charged?

That is up to you! We will charge the day you sign up and if you have a preferred day to run the charge to your account we can set it to any day of the month.

What happens if a card is declined?

Your membership will be frozen until we can secure payment. After 2 months of unpaid membership dues we will cancel your membership and you will not be eligible for your membership discount.

Is there a monthly fee?  

No. Each month your milk money deposit will be deposited into your account and the full amount of the deposit will be yours to use towards products or services.

What happens to my monthly deposit?

A Milk Money Membership allows you to accumulate “Milk Money Funds” in an account that we maintain to be used for future services or products purchased at any milk + honey location, or used for purchases on our products website at  The Milk Money Funds will continue to accumulate and will never expire while your membership is active.  Additionally, at all times while your membership is active, you will also qualify for exclusive discounts on services and products provided at our locations or on  Your Milk Money Funds and membership discounts can be used for services at any day and time while your membership is active (and these discounts are effective immediately upon starting your membership), subject to location availability and service availability.

What is a dedicated concierge?

As a milk money member you will receive a dedicated phone number to our reservations team that will allow you to have a more streamlined and personalized booking experience.

What is the 10% discount on gift certificates for Ultimate members?

For ultimate milk money members, whenever you purchase gift certificates for others, as long as the recipients are not milk money members, you will receive a 10% discount on the gift certificate. Only applies for in-location + call purchases.

Can I share my discount with others?

Yes!   You may bring a guest with you, and if you are also purchasing at least one service during the same visit that guest will benefit from your discounts for any services they receive or products they purchase during that visit as well.   However, you must be present with your guest at checkout for the membership discount to apply.

How do the monthly payments work?

A credit card number will be kept in your file.  Your card will be automatically charged monthly on the same date every month and your bill date will be the same day of the month as your sign up date.   If your credit card is declined for your monthly charge, your Milk Money Membership will be made inactive until the payment issue is resolved.  You may still use available funds in your Milk Money account for services and products, however, you will be unable to benefit from any discounts.

How do I cancel my membership?

Milk Money Memberships have an initial, minimum term, of 3 months.  If you do not cancel your membership, your membership will continue to automatically renew each month for one month of membership at a time. If you choose to cancel your membership after 3 months you may contact our reservations team to assist.  Any unused milk money funds in your account will be given back to you in the form of a gift certificate.

Can I switch tiers?

During the first three months you may change to a higher priced membership, but may not change to a lower priced membership until after the initial 3 months.

Can I apply my milk money funds towards gratuity?

Your Milk Money Funds cannot be applied to service provider gratuity.

Can I use multiple discounts? 

Your membership discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, however if there is another discount being offered, you can decide to use that discount instead of your membership discount.  If you purchase a series of services that are collectively discounted below our normal price, you may not additionally apply your membership discount to that series, however you can use your milk money funds to purchase that series.