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The perfect gift for anyone & everyone. Our gift certificates can be purchased for any amount and used for any spa treatment, service, or product at any location.

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Holiday Retreats

The ultimate experience. Save 10% off our most popular treatments and use them over time.

  • Mini Retreat

    • Signature Massage, 60 min
      Signature Facial, 60 min
  • Signature Retreat

    • Signature Massage, 60 min
      Signature Facial, 60 min
      m+h Manicure, 30 min
      m+h Pedicure, 45 min
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  • Ultimate Retreat

    • Ultimate Massage, 120 min
      Ultimate Facial, 120 min
      Ultimate Manicure, 50 min
      Ultimate Pedicure,80 min
    Complimentary lunch is included when treatments are booked in one day
  • Lux Retreat

    • Signature Massage, 120 min
      Lux Facial, 75 min
      Lux Manicure, 40 min
      Lux Pedicure, 60 min


Holiday Annual Memberships
The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Annual 12 -month membership

The Gift of All Gifts!
Recipients receive $129 monthly credit as well as a 10% discount on: Spa, Salon, and medSPA services, product purchases, and an exclusive Product Bundle ($250 value) Learn more about milk money here

6-month membership

Recipients receive: $129 monthly credit and a 10% discount on: Spa, Salon, medSPA, and product purchases.
Learn more about milk money here
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These annual memberships are only a one-time charge for you and won't continue after the 6 or 12-month period. Learn more about all of our milk money memberships here.

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Ways To Gift Self-Care

We believe that the perfect gift is one that encourages self-care, wellness, and indulgence. As we approach the season of giving, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a daunting task. But fear not; we are here to guide you on a journey towards ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.